Plazma Burst 2 Hacked

Plazma Burst 2 Hacked is one of those addictive games that won’t let you sit still in your chair. It will take you time and skill (and maybe even some kind of inborn talent) to beat your adversaries at Normal or higher difficulty level.

So What’s The Fuzz About?
Plazma Burst 2 is a 2D side scrolling shooting game. It has amazing 2D graphics – you will be blasted by its cutting-edge visuals, animations and effects; Illuminations, water shaders, textures- everything makes it look like a top-notch game. Its great optimization allows it to perform well in most of the PC’s.

Graphics aside, you’ll enjoy a great arsenal of weapons, including the “classic” set of shotguns, assault rifles, rocket launchers, pistols, grenades, as well as exotic weaponry such as ray guns, plasma guns, and many more. Use ingame currency to upgrade and unlock new gear.

What will you be shooting at?
The game has its own storyline. You start as a space Marine who was sent to an alien planet where you’re supposed to be shooting aliens, but surprisingly, a crazy plot twist will make you fight way more than you expected. You will end up shooting androids, Falkoks and human Civil Security. Your goal is to make your way to the portal and activate it; but again, let’s be honest – your real goal is to survive. You’re only human and you’ll die after receiving only a couple of shots, so you need to be swift and have a tactical mindset in order to survive.

Why Hacked?
The original Plazma Burst 2 doesn’t allow you to do much cool stuff, that’s why the hacked version was released. The Plazma Burst 2 hacked version has all levels unlocked (woo-hoo!) and gives you unlimited money, so you can enjoy all the weapons with their upgrades.

How do you play it?
Plazma Burst 2 involves 25 keyboard buttons. If you want to survive, you’ll need to use them all. Yes, you’re expected to have fast fingers. Let’s list the controls and their usage:

WASD stands for movement
1, 2, 3, 4 …0 numerical keys are used to switch between weapons
Space bar – Jump
V – Drop current weapon (to be able to pick up a better one!)
Q – Quickly switch to the last used weapon
X – Fall- this is a new and unique feature that allows you to fall graciously; you’ll need that to dodge shots or fly across long holes.
E – Use. You will find many items that have the “Use” label above them. Come closer and press E.
G – Throw grenade.
Z – Time warp. Now, that’s another great feature you will be using constantly. Just keep in mind that once activated, it will drain your energy level (the white bar), so use it wisely.
C – Kinetic module.